We have now introduced our Affiliate scheme, with an introductory bonus of £10!

You can now sign up to our Affiliate scheme through the Customer Centre. Upon doing so, you'll be given a unique link to put on your website or give to anyone when you recommend Invisional Hosting to them whilst obtaining a £10 introductory bonus. You'll be able to track your links in realtime - and you'll receive 10% commission off any new customer's First Order, providing they have used the link you were given. They'll also be able to sign up for the Affiliate scheme, gaining the £10 introductory bonus.

Once you have reached £25 from your commission, you can withdraw the amount or use it towards your own products purchased through Invisional Hosting.

Full information and terms can be found here: http://www.invisional.co.uk/page/About/Affiliates. If you wish to sign up to our Affiliate scheme, click here: https://www.invisional.co.uk/customer-centre/affiliates.php.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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