We hope that this message finds you and those around you well during the current situation. This message is intended to keep you up-to-date about what's happening at Invisional around COVID-19, the Hosting Control Panel, SHOUTcast streaming servers, SSL Certificates, and Custom Hosting & Professional Services.



We are in the fortunate position that life at Invisional Hosting continues largely unaffected at this time during the Coronavirus outbreak. Our support staff are able to work from home, and we have assurances from our providers that our datacentres and other technologies remain fully supported. If you have any issues that you think we can help with as a result of Coronavirus, do please get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help you and your business during this time, and into the future: https://www.invisional.co.uk/customer-centre/contact.php 


Hosting Control Panel

We are pleased to announce that today we launched a new look to our Shared Hosting Control Panel:

This is a long-overdue update to one of the most important parts of our platform, and we hope you'll enjoy using it. Log in now to experience it for yourself! As ever we welcome your feedback, so please let us know what you think here: https://www.invisional.co.uk/customer-centre/contact.php 


SHOUTcast Streaming

We have been offering SHOUTcast streaming servers to radio stations for over 10 years - both as their main listener-facing 'listen live' facility, and in more recent times as a site-to-site link, allowing DJs to continue to present programmes from home during the Coronavirus lockdown. We are now in a position to offer secure HTTPS secure streaming solutions to our wider customer base --  and in true Invisional style, our options are great value for money. More and more browsers are preventing users from connecting to unsecure services, so now's the time to make sure your radio station has a secure player and stream. Or if you've always wanted to become a radio presenter, now's the time to start! Check out our offers here: https://www.invisional.co.uk/customer-centre/cart.php?gid=5 


SSL Certificates - discount available!

It's really important to make sure that your website provides a secure connection for your visitors, especially if you're handling login details or taking online payments. Plus, search engines are starting to rank unsecure websites lower in their search results. Secure your website with an SSL certificate from us - take advantage of 25% off before the end of April - use the discount code SUPERSECURE today when placing your order.


Custom Hosting & Professional Services

As well as the products listed on our website, we offer a huge range of other Custom Hosting and Professional Services support options. Whether you've outgrown the shared hosting platform, you've got a project in mind and you need some assistance, or you need support in upgrading your web application, we want to be the one-stop-shop to help you in achieving your goals. Here are some of the Custom Hosting and Professional Services we can provide:

  • Upgrade PHP version
  • Install one-click applications on your behalf
  • Migrate shared hosting packages to a Virtual Private or Dedicated Server
  • Full hosting migration and testing (to or from another provider)
  • iptables and other firewall configuration
  • Backup space configuration
  • Security Scanning
  • Cloud-hosted Virtual Desktop environments
  • S3-compatible Object Storage
  • Cloud-hosted databases
  • Solutions architecture design and consultation 
  • Provision resources and hosting around the world: France, Germany, Poland, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada
  • Other work

If you're interested in any of the above, or if there's anything else that you think we should be offering, or anything else you'd like support with just get in touch today - we're here for you! 


That's all for now!

Thanks for reading, and stay safe.
Your Invisional Hosting Team

Saturday, April 18, 2020

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