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Hosting ยป Testimonials

Since 2005, customers have been consistently praising our service and personal support. Here are just a few we've received directly through our Questionnaires or Support Tickets:

You can also view Serchen for our independent reviews.

"Invisional Hosting is brilliant! The small cost of the hosting in no way reflects the service as this is first class with speedy responses. It always seems that nothing is to much trouble. I would recommend them to anyone!"
~ Paul - - Added May 2013

"I only found out about you from a personal recommendation. Very well priced, great support team helped me sort out transfer from a difficult host. I will recommend you to all my contacts & friends!"
~ Bob Rosenthal - - Added May 2013

"I am indebted to you and your team. Thank you ever so much for your kind assistance. Truly, truly appreciated."
~ Catherine Hailsham - - Added March 2012

"The only way Invisional could provide a better service would be if they offered free chocolate chip cookies."
~ Matt Crosby - Added January 2012

"Fantastic company to deal with, customer support is second to none, friendly staff, and overall you get exactly what it says."
~ Chris Robson - - Added January 2012

"The support at Invisional Hosting has always been the selling point for me, I'm incredibly ditzy, and yet the staff are always patient and helpful."
~ iKo -

"Just to say i will always use invisional hosting, now and in the future, as the level of pricing and support are the upmost inportance to me, and invisional hosting deliver all of that."
~ Brian Coombes

"Thanks again for the great service!"
~ Andrew Fairbairn -

"I think that the services that you provide are really good and generally the support has been able to resolve any issues I have encountered so this is one happy customer! Keep up the good work."
~ James Bolitho -

"Fantastic support for those who are not in the know!"
~ Jacqueline Hicks -

"I haven't come across better value for money anywhere. I have nothing but positive feedback for Invisional, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to a friend, and I will continue to use Invisional for the foreseeable future."
~ Bobby Alderson -

"Thankyou for being such a friendly and personal company! You are commercial enough to be clear and concise, yet provide lovely down-to-earth support rather than forcing your customers to suffer 'automatic' support."

"After using Invisional for many years, there is no other hosting provider I would trust with my personal and business data and website. I will continue to use Invisional for all my domain and hosting needs. They definitely have the skills and knowledge for any support questions you may have. Trust and respect are hard to find on the Internet, Invisional treats their customers like family and have earnt my trust and respect."
~ Chris Robson -

"Invisional Hosting is fantastic! They gave me an option of monthly payments, their support is top knotch and i love their personal touch!"
~ Jack Dann -

"Signing up for invisional hosting was a quick easy painless process with all the features set up on time as promised! Great value for money and top support when its been needed!"
~ Marc Simpson -

"Invisional have provided me with an excellent hosting service. Not only are the packages very good value but any occasions when I've had questions they've responded promptly and helped as best they could. Compared to bigger hosting companies they're better value, more personal and a better choice overall."
~ Hurri -

"As a small local business wanting to increase our customer base through the web we needed a hosting company which was easy to use and good value for money. This is exactly what we found with Invisional, there packages suit us perfectly and if we experience any problems we can always rely on there excellent support to help us."
~ Kay Timms -

"A fantastic hosting provider. Excellent value for money and the support offered is quick and effective. Would definitely recommend to anyone."
~ Simon Austerberry -