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Hosting ยป Choosing Hosting

Read our guide to choosing the hosting package that's right for you.

A 'Hosting Package'' is the bundle of services that you get so that you can have your own website. For example, we use a hosting package that includes webspace and email facilities so that people can view our website and get in touch with is. Here are some top tips for choosing a hosting package that's right for you.

Web Space
This is the amount of 'disk space' you have access to on our servers. The more large files you want on your website, such as photos or videos, the more web space you will need.

Data Transfer
This is the amount of 'traffic' you can have to your website - or the number of people that can view your website per month. If see your website having lots of visitors downloading lots of information (such as pictures or videos) from your website, then you will need more data transfer.

These are different sections of your website. For example, you may want different sections of your website for different family members - such as Fred, Sue and Billy. This could be achieved with, and The more sections you want, the more subdomains you will need.

MySQL Databases
These are advanced web hosting tools/items. Chances are, these will only be appropriate if you plan to run complex web applications such as Forums or an Online Calendar. The more of these applications you want to run, the more databases you will need.

Email Items
Our hosting packages include Email Items such as Mailboxes (for example, different family members can have their own email addresses), Email Forwarding addresses (for example, if you already have your own email address, you could forward to for simplicity), Email Autoresponders and Distribution Lists (more advanced functions). The more you want to do via email, the more Email Items you will need.

Overall, don't pay over the odds!
Some companies charge up to £150 to host your website! Here at Invisional Hosting, our hosting packages start at just £3.95 per month, or £8.95 per year! Compare our packages here.

If you have any questions, why not get in touch via the Support Helpdesk.