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Hosting ยป Add-ons

Why not get a little bit more out of your services with us? Add-ons are a perfect way to tweak your services with us to better fulfil your needs.

Available for all hosting packages:

Unlimited E-mail Accessories.

Upgrade your hosting to receive Unlimited mailboxes (400mb capacity), forwarders, auto-responders and distribution lists to your hosting account. Price: £9.95 per year.

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Premium Mailboxes.

Upgrade one of your mailboxes to a huge 2GB capacity (standard size 400mb) Price: £9.95 per year, per mailbox.

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Domain Mapping.

This feature allows the ability to use more than one website address for a single hosting package (ie, and using the same hosting package). This also includes the ability to have seperate email addresses (ie, and being seperate mailboxes). Perfect for websites with multiple domain names, especially to keep the professional integrity. Price: £9.95 per domain name.

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Personalised Secure Server.

Purchase a secure server certificate for your domain name. Please visit SSL Certificates for more information.

Available for Basic, Home and Home Plus packages:

Enable e-commerce.

This allows e-commerce to be allowed on these packages, to be able to sell products or services through your website. Enabling e-commerce also gives you our e-commerce shopping carts, and help with allowing payments on your website. Without this feature, it will be against your Terms Of Service to sell products on your site. Price: £9.95 per year.

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